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  • How to export and submit your manuscript using CLIP STUDIO PAINT easily, without fail

How to export and submit your manuscript using CLIP STUDIO PAINT easily, without fail

In this issue, using CLIP STUDIO PAINT, we will introduce the three main themes of “how to export without fail”: the flow from completion of the manuscript to export, settings, and items to pay attention to.

  • ・I don’t know how to save data for submission.
  • ・I cannot save the data with the color I expected.
  • ・After saving the data, the size changed and the text was cut off.

Don’t worry, we will answer these questions!

1.Export Process

CLIP STUDIO PAINT has two export methods: individual export and batch export.

■How to Export Individually
Open the [File] menu > [Export (Single Layer)] > [psd (Photoshop Document)…].

■How to export in a batch (CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX only)
Open the [File] menu > [Export multiple pages] > [Batch export…].

If you are handling a large number of pages, such as anthologies or compilations, we recommend the EX version, which has a batch export function! The EX version allows you to select and save data one at a time, saving you time and effort!

The data to be submitted is basically exported by integrating images. If you have prepared layers for special processing options such as hot stamping, glitter coat or pearl ink, please integrate all layers except for the layer for processing.

2.Export Settings

The images below are for exporting a color cover and monochrome text. Let’s go through the items in order from the top!

Color coverClip Studio color cover export settings
Monochrome textClip Studio monochrome text export settings

The images are the psd export settings of CLIP STUDIO EX confirmed with Ver.2.0.1.

[Photoshop file settings]
Check “Output as [background]”.

[Output image]
“Text”: If you are entering text, be sure to check it.
“Folio”… When writing the main text, be sure to check the box.
“Export range”… Select “Crop to bleed marks”.

“Expression color”… Select the desired color mode that matches the content of the document.
Check “Embed ICC profile”.

[Output Size]
Set to 100% scaling from original data.
When changing the size of a book, such as a re-recorded book (compilation), select “Output Size” and set the size including the margin area.

[Processing when scaling]
For Rasterize, Select “Prefer quality”.

3.Items to note

There are two important items in the export settings. These are the expression color that determines the final color when saving, and the output size that determines the size of the exported file.

・Expression color
・Output size

Depending on the selection of the expression color and output size of the output image, the export result will change greatly. These items are important to consider when you are in a hurry before submitting an image. The following is a comparison of export results!

Expression Color

This item allows you to select the color mode of the original document.

Color mode is how colors are displayed on the data. For color printing, select RGB or CMYK mode. For single-color printing and text, choose grayscale or two-tone black-and-white.

[Expression color export pattern]
Full-color originals: RGB or CMYK
Single-color printing/black-and-white manuscript: grayscale or monochrome 2-tone

The image is an export comparison, with color, gray, and monochrome 2-tone (black-and-white) for the colors represented.

“Color”…Expressed in full color
“Gray”…Expressed between white and black including gray
“Monochrome”…Expressed in black-and-white only

Here are some common mistakes.
・ Save the expression color of the manuscript made in black as RGB or CMYK.
・ Save the data painted in gray as black-and-white.
With black-and-white printing, gray areas such as skin, clothes, and backgrounds are either white or black.

Output size

This item allows you to select the image size for export.

The settings are exported in the actual finished size plus the margin area.

[Output range pattern]
“Export the entire page”…The entire image size is exported.
“Export up to bleed marks”… Output up to the finished size + margin area.
“Export to the inside of the register mark”: Export in the actual size of the finished size.

If you select “To the inside of the register mark “, the data will be written out in actual size, without the margin area that is necessary for bookbinding and cutting. This size cannot be used as data for printing.

We hope that you will remember this article and read it again before preparing and submitting your manuscript!
At Ryokuyousha, we handle a lot of data submitted in CLIP STUDIO PAINT. We look forward to receiving your doujinshi and goods submissions!

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